Saturday, May 8, 2010


For a while, this place was known as the Katschke Hub and its role in the world was unclear. There was one blog post which announced that my audio program "Host and Guest" was now available for download. That was it. It was unsuitable.

So now, The Katschke Hub has become the Rick Katschke Media Empire (UPDATE: it's now the Catch-All Emporium, but I liked this post so I am keeping it up). I originally titled the relaunch The Katschke Media Empire, but I didn't want this place overrun with Judy Katschke fans wanting to discuss Eureeka's Castle and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen books.

Judy, I welcome the opportunity to have a civil discussion with you about those subjects, but for someone who has to be related to me in some way (Katschke is more obscure than it is common), you have remained elusive. Impossible to track down. So for that, I had to clarify and add my first name to the title.

So what makes up this supposed Media Empire?

As of right now, there are two audio programs I produce:

1) "Host and Guest", in which I am joined by a cavalcade of comedians, musicians, filmmakers and entertainers for about a fifteen minute jaunt.


2) "The Robot Breakdancing Union Anthology", a musical series in which the band I have been in for over 8 years reflects and explains our vast catalouge of music. Andy Berman, Carl Habermehl and Mike Schmalz star along me in those programs.

I also have two new audio shows which will be launched very soon.

Furthermore, I wrote a novel titled "Mark Sanders' Tangential September" ( which brings the fun back to reading!

I guess I'll put up links every time I do a new episode of the assorted programs, but the main objective of the RKME (I didn't plan on the abbreviation being so self-serving) is to have an official blog for prose and things I think are neat. And this is it!  (UPDATE: I decided to get rid of the Media Empire title since it bugged me how self-serving it was)

Now I just need to figure out what I should do with all these tote bags that have "The Katschke Hub" printed on them.

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mjschmalz said...

Oh..I'm sorry...are you sure you can't tell me anything about Judy Katschke? I'm getting my masters in child psychology and my thesis is actually centered around Eureka's Castle. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated.