Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wedding CD Track List

Falling - Semisonic
After hearing this song in concert by Semisonic's Dan Wilson, Lee had a question about the song while talking with Wilson after the show.  Not knowing the title of the tune, she instead sang it back to him.  Years later, Wilson would go on to co-write hit songs such as Adele's "Someone Like You" and "Home" by Dierks Bentley.  Coincidence?  Unlikely.

I Bicycle Miles - The Tropicals
The Tropicals only released one album and this song wasn't even on it.  "I Bicycle Miles" is from an abandoned studio album and is almost impossible to find.  In 2004, Lee made a music video to it as a Christmas gift for Rick.

She is Staggering - Polaris
The Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" was a really off-beat, delightfully weird little show with a lot of heart.  One of the things that made it great was its soundtrack, provided by the band Polaris led by Mark Mulcahy.  This is arguably the catchiest song that was written for the show and Lee usually sings a portion of it at least 4 or 5 times a week.

Skyway - The Replacements
Last year, Rick and Lee finally used the skyway in Minneapolis and became jealous that Milwaukee doesn't have such a creative pedestrian arrangement.  This is an awesome song by one of the best bands ever, The Replacements all about the skyway.

I Like - The Divine Comedy
Neil Hannon aka the Divine Comedy never has really caught on with American audiences but he's a big deal in Europe.  His pop songs have an incredible quality to them as they sound like they could have been written anytime within the past 50 years.  This song has some silly lyrics, but it is a shining example of how delightful The Divine Comedy is.

Melt Away - John Munson
This is a cover of a Brian Wilson song and has never been released on cd.  John Munson has been a kind friend to Rick and Lee for several years and it is only appropriate that we share this beautiful performance of his.

Easy Silence - Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson wrote this song with the Dixie Chicks, so you may have heard their version of this song.  However, Wilson's voice is a better match for the song.  Lee did not sing this song to Dan Wilson, but that doesn't diminish it's beauty.

There is Nothing - Clem Snide
Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide is a very prolific songwriter.  Clem Snide's album about love "Soft Spot" is a masterpiece.  Rick has seen Clem Snide/Eef Barzelay too many times to count, the most interesting setting being on the roof of a bookstore in Riverwest with Tom and Fawn.

Long, Sweet Summer Nights - The Thorns
The Thorns only released one album, but it is a pretty darn good cd as long as you skip the title track "The Thorns".  Boy is that thing a clunker.  This song was on the first volume Rick made Lee and always reminds the two of the summer of 2004.

Here's my Heart - Pat Benatar and Giorgio Moroder
Rick's a nerd for Giorgio Moroder.  This song is from his version of the Fritz Lang movie Metropolis.  It is the best performance of Pat Benatar's career.  Inexplicably, the version of this song on the soundtrack has a different tempo, lyrics and lacks the passion evident in the film's version. This is the version ripped from the movie, it is awesome.

Book of Love - The New Standards
The New Standards have been friends of Rick and Lee's for years.  This cover of the Magnetic Fields song, sung by the aforementioned John Munson, was employed by Rick as the prelude to his proposal.  The final lyrics were kind of a giveaway of his intentions.

I'm in Love with a Girl - the Flops
This cover of the Big Star song is sung by Matt Wilson.  Enjoy!  Also, if anyone has seen Rick's "the Flops" t-shirt, please let him has been missing since 2004.

Singing a Song is Easy - Neil Innes
Neil Innes was the guy behind so many great Monty Python songs, but he's never gotten the credit he deserves because Eric Idle is too eager to act like he came up with the whole catalogue.  Unbelievably, Innes performed at the Miramar Theater in Milwaukee so Lee and Rick got to see him in an intimate setting.  This is his best song and one of the greatest songs ever written.

Grow Old Along With Me - John Lennon
This song first appeared on the posthumous album Milk & Honey where it was paired with Yoko Ono's best song "Let Me Count the Ways".  This is the orchestrated version of the song that uses Lennon's tape-recorded vocals.  Good stuff.

Tonight We Fly - The Divine Comedy
Thank you for celebrating our big day with us.  This song should be used to conclude all celebratory mix CDs, so it is only fitting that it closes out this one.  (Sorry audiophiles, there are no hidden tracks on this album).